Burhan Wild Rue - Harmal 1Kg
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Burhan Wild Rue - Harmal 1Kg

harmal has been used to treat pain and to treat skin inflammations, including skin cancers.
it is also used for medicinal, therapeutic purpose

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People take Harmal by mouth to cure cancer, depression, diabetes, painful menstruation, hypothermia, insomnia, pain, parasites, Parkinson's disease, and a joint disorder called rheumatoid arthritis. People apply Syrian rue (HARMAL)to the skin for hair loss, dandruff, eczema, hemorrhoids, and scaly, itchy skin (psoriasis).

  • Effective in providing relief in remittent and intermittent fevers. Also helps in curing chronic malaria.
  • Helps in curing Asthma.
  • Effectively eliminates tapeworm infestations. The alkaloid hermaline, present in the herb shows anthelmintic properties.
  • Helps in reducing sleeplessness and Insomnia, with its narcotic properties
  • The plant is evidently effective in curing difficult and painful menstruation and helps to regulate menstrual periods
  • It influences the secretin of breast milk in lactating mothers.
  • Highly effective in the cure of laryngitis or the inflammation of the larynx.
  • A paste of the roots of the plant with mustard oil helps to kill head lice when applied externally.
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Wild Rue - Harmal

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