About us

About us

e-Baqala.com is an online platform created by Al-Hakimi Supermarket (Shuwaikh) to simplify the grocery shopping experience for our valued customers.
Founded on the principles of quality and customer service, Al-Hakimi Supermarket (Al-Hakimi) has been retailing food stuff, spices and household products since 2007. Our brands, Burhan and Royal Choice have established our prominent position in the Kuwait food industry.


Our Story

Born from a humble vision in 1989, Al-Hakimi has flourished into a leading retailer of not just high-quality food products, but a comprehensive range of household items, electronics, personal and home care products, and much more in Kuwait. Our founder, Zoeb Hussain Badri, commenced our journey as a wholesaler, importing premium food products, spices, and herbs. In 2002, we stepped into a new era as Al-Herz General Trading Co., before transforming into Al-Hakimi, our retail branch in 2007.

Our growth has been guided by our unwavering dedication to quality and value. We strive to provide our customers with the finest range of products, from aromatic spices, nutritious pulses, a variety of rice, dried fruits, and herbs to freshly ground spices and flours milled in our own unit. We cater to every requirement, whether it's for your home, your office, your restaurant, or your catering business.

As we evolved, we realized the demand of our customers was as diverse as their palates. In response, we expanded our product catalogue, becoming a one-stop supermarket for every need. Today, Al-Hakimi offers an extensive variety of products including baby care, personal care, home care, DIY supplies, shoe care, stationary, stainless steel utensils, plasticware, glassware, footwear, electronics, travel accessories, camping gear, mobile accessories, clay and pooja items, toys, Indian snacks, and so much more. 

Our commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience has been pivotal in our success over the past 27 years. We don't just deliver products; we bring convenience, variety, and quality right to your doorstep. We are Al-Hakimi, your trusted partner for all your daily needs, striving every day to serve you better.