About us

About us

e-Baqala.com is an online platform created by Al-Hakimi Supermarket (Shuwaikh) to simplify the grocery shopping experience for our valued customers.
Founded on the principles of quality and customer service, Al-Hakimi Supermarket (Al-Hakimi) has been retailing food stuff, spices and household products since 2007. Our brands, Burhan and Royal Choice have established our prominent position in the Kuwait food industry.


Our Story

From humble beginnings Al-Hakimi has grown to become one of the leading retailers of food products in Kuwait. The branch, established by Zoeb Hussain Badri, began importing and wholesaling high quality food products, spices and herbs in Kuwait in 1989 and taking over as Al-Herz General Trading Co in 2002. From 2007, under retail outlet of Al-Hakimi, the company began offering its products directly to retail customers. In the ensuing years we have grown to a position of strength and product leadership.

Our relentless focus on quality and value ensures customers will always enjoy the best products.  We offer spices, pulses, rice, herbs, dry fruits and also have an in-house milling unit to avail all kinds of freshly ground spices and flours like wheat, corn, bajra, juwar, singada, rice, barley & gram.

With over 27 years of experience in the industry we aim to provide the best products to suit your needs, be it for your home, office, restaurant or catering.