0.270 KD
  • G-PET is a Airtight plastic grocery container
  • 100% Food grade & perfect organising for kitchen
  • It ensure Safety,Hygiene,& Quality for your family
  • Use mild soaps & Do Not use Hot Water to wash
  • 100%virgin plastic & Nice finishing,Easy to gind stored stuff
  • perfect for storing grains ,cereals,flours,biscuits,Snacks,pickle,dry fruits,wet & dry food
  • Dish washer safe & Freezer safe.
0.915 KD
  • Nakoda Plastic Industry produces store king container range
  • Attractive look with elegant print
  • 100% food grade
  • advance fittings & storage mechanisms
  • comfortable & easy to use
  • 100%virgin plastic & dish washer safe
  • Unbreakable guaranteed
  • Multi-storage utility:Office,Kitchen,Home,Packaging & More.
  • Convenient to store large items.
  • Transparent & easy to identify stored stuff
3.495 KD
  • Nakoda Turbo Homo Drum has a extra strong feature helps bucket with longllife
  • The Handle has been fitted into the drum grooves which are inbuilt
  • Advanced Lid locking system handles allows for secure close
  • It can be used for commercial & house hold use
  • It is a storage container which can be used as multi-purpose storage utility
  • It is unbreakable guaranteed
  • It is strong & sturdy
2.155 KD
  • Nakoda is offering High Quality plastic & excellent Designs
  • 100%virgin plastic
  • Unbreakable guaranteed & long life product
  • Very attractive finish,strong durable & wide along with anti-skid base
  • zodiac stool can be used in drawing room , office, garden, lawn , bathroom, kitchen etc.
  • easy to carry from one place to another
  • made with break through rubber seal technology
0.540 KD
  • ARIES Rectangular Multi-Purpose Basket are ideal for storing fruits and vegetables and are designed to be perfectly ventilated.
  • Each edge is polished ,not to hurt the hand
  • basket made of sturdy plastic kind of material surely safe as a food / vegetable holder in freezer